Advanced Hygiene Technologies

Redefining Handwashing Through Automation

Handwashing Transformation Technology – AHT is the exclusive Ireland & UK distributor for Meritech Inc., distributing the full portfolio of CleanTech touch-free automated (soap & water) handwashing technology (the world\’s ONLY touch-free fully automated handwashing technology clinically proven to remove >99.9% of pathogens, in just 12 seconds):

  • Standardise handwashing for all users (removing expensive monitoring and retraining for proper handwashing technique and duration)
  • Remove >99.9% of pathogens in just 12 seconds
  • Guarantee Compliance & Quality in Hand Hygiene every time for every user (100% touch-free automation)
  • Time (Money) Savings of 70% ( CleanTech 12 seconds v 40 seconds for a properly performed manual hand wash
  • Return valuable time to business operations (Industry) and care of patients/residents (Healthcare)
  • Equipment covers its cost within 12 months
  • 70% less water/wastewater v manual handwashing
  • Audit friendly inbuilt Electronic Handwash Counter accurately captures important Compliance Metrics

1,500+ installations across:

  • Medical Technologies, Pharmaceutical & Biotech Manufacturing & Cleanrooms
  • Food & Beverage Processing, Production and Packaging
  • Hospitals, Residential Care/Nursing Homes, Surgeries and Clinics
  • Laboratories
  • Food Service, Catering & Food Preparation
  • Schools, Pre-schools, Montessori Schools & Creches
  • Universities & Colleges
  • Airports, Shopping Centres
  • Cruise Ships & Ferries

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