Transforming property portfolio operations with building analytics

CIM creates innovative data analytics software that helps run large buildings at their peak performance. CIM’s flexible SaaS PEAK platform integrates building intelligence, machine learning and mechanical engineering to improve efficiency, sustainability and comfort across any building type. CIM offers a uniquely collaborative and transparent end-to-end process that optimises buildings, achieving faster and smarter outcomes, and delivering economic and environmental benefits for Building Owners and Operators. Our powerful PEAK Platform monitors & digitises buildings to help eliminate key challenges for operations teams, including: – Lack of transparency: Leading to slow decision-making and time-consuming human interactions – Breakdowns: Inability to anticipate and prevent equipment incidents & failures – Financial planning: Impossible to accurately predict running costs – Multiple vendors: Contractors working in isolation – Tenant compliance: Ensuring optimal thermal parameters for building occupants – Legacy systems: A myriad of old and new technologies with limited interconnectivity – Portfolio view: Limited visibility of trends, issues and opportunities across property portfolios CIM’s centralised building analytics platform accelerates the process of fault detection, diagnosis & problem resolution. PEAK automatically collects live building data to help stakeholders pinpoint and resolve inefficiencies. CIM has a proven industry track record across many industries including; real estate investment trusts, superannuation funds, manufacturing sites, governments, major cultural institutions, and large property portfolio owners and operators. Global fortune 500 companies partner with CIM to optimise & future proof their assets resulting in actionable data-driven insights on the operational performance of their sites.


Why work for us?

Make a difference. Help us  reach our goal of dominating the EMEA market for software that helps people manage their complex building assets more efficiently and effectively, leading to reduced carbon emissions and a cleaner environment for everyone.


We plan to recruit various remote positions in the coming months, to develop the company in Ireland. If you are interested to work for us, please send your applications to

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