FIT - Fastrack into Information Technology

FIT is an industry partnership working in collaboration with government and disadvantaged communities. FIT is committed to the socio-economic transformation of marginalized jobseekers and disadvantaged communities through innovative ICT training courses as a gateway to employment. It supports those jobseekers that are at risk of, or already experiencing long term unemployment and early school leavers from disadvantaged communities.

• FIT programmes give access to those who have lower levels of formal educational qualifications and who can demonstrate an aptitude and interest in technology. FIT courses are developed in conjunction with industry to ensure that learners gain relevant soft skills combined with in-demand technology skills. Learners expand their skill sets and attain national and industry certifications leading to entry level jobs with real career prospects. FIT also supports progression to further and higher education as a step to employment.

• FIT initially focused on meeting the employment needs of the ICT sector and then expanded its range of courses to include the needs of all sectors of ICT as well as emerging technology sectors such as wind energy, cloud, mobile apps and medical devices.

Over 8,500 people have progressed into employment following completion of their FIT courses - FIT continues to change peoples’ lives.

Our mission is to promote an inclusive Smart Economy ensuring access to in-demand tech skills for quality employment and shared prosperity. In doing so, we are maximizing opportunity through technology and making technology work for all.

Upskilling Job Seekers

Job seekers (and those who are vulnerable in the workforce) securing quality employment through tech skills development is central to FIT’s remit. The programmes it develops and promotes are a direct result of a constant dialogue with employers with regard to fulfilling their skills needs and employment opportunities – ensuring job seekers attain in-demand tech skills that lead to quality employment and a sustainable career in the most dynamic sectors of the Irish economy.

With the focus on future potential FIT courses which are accessible and are achievable by those not only who have recently completed formal education and training but also by those who have been in the workforce for some time gaining valuable experience – what both candidates have in common is a curiosity and interest in technology and determination to succeed.

The programmes impart the attainment of valued tech skills and professional development combined with career guidance and job placement supports.

Increasing Access to In-demand Technology Training

Participants on the completion of FIT Tech Programme enter the workplace in high demand where employers prize their technical skills and acumen as valued assets as a result of the caliber of training received.

FIT strives to encourage and include as broad a cohort of job seekers in its extensive portfolio of tech courses which cater for introductory to expert tech skills. ETB’s as delivery partners provide the training nationally supported by FIT.

Industry collaboration on aspects of the curriculum development, work experience / internships and placements combined with expertise of the FIT Board of Directors, as industry leaders have been a key factor in the success of the FIT programmes resulting in high placement rates into industry.

To ensure the excellence in certification attainment FIT ensures all its programmes adhere to the rigors of the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) and works closely with Quality Qualifications Ireland (QQI) in the development and maintenance of ICT Awards Standards.

Promoting Smart People with Smart Skills

FIT equips participants with the necessary technical competencies and people skills when entering the job market. To this end FIT actively support all aspects of participation – such as developing the course content, recruiting and shortlisting candidates, providing career progression and job placement supports, culminating in ongoing mentoring for up to three years.

FIT is continually developing new training programmes and updating existing ones as emerging technologies such as mobile technologies, cloud computing, data analytics, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) etc. redefine roles and shape new disciplines. The collaboration of Solas and ETB’s in piloting innovative programmes enables these new technologies enter mainstream delivery in a timely fashion.

Similar to participants, Training Providers recognize the currency and relevance of FIT developed technology programmes in terms of links with industry, accreditation, progression supports and successful job placement.

Multiple locations all over Ireland