We transform company cultures.

Companies can run their entire end-to-end performance review cycle in Frankli, bringing a sense of stability, consistency and discipline to this once dreaded process. Our platform offers a suite of user-centric tools for goal setting using OKRs, measuring performance through pulse surveys and driving improvements through regular 1:1’s, and 360 reviews.

Our customers are reporting significant time saved, better alignment to mission and values as well as an increase in overall engagement and productivity.

We make this possible using a suite of digital features that gives people the autonomy, people managers the tools and senior leadership teams the insights they need to reach their productivity goals.

With Frankli, it’s easy to launch 360 performance review cycles and engagement surveys, support the alignment of individual, team and company OKRs/goals, gather feedback and praise in real-time as well as facilitate regular 1:1 meetings.

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