Jennings O'Donovan

Consulting Engineers

Jennings O’Donovan is a multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm specialising in renewable energy, water supply, wastewater treatment and in the provision of planning and environmental services.

Founded in 1950, the company, which is wholly Irish owned, has offices across the country in Sligo, Dublin and Castlebar.

The extent of the services provided by the company covers a broad range of sectors including civil, structural and environmental engineering, health and safety, Building and Infrastructure, including Pyrite/Mica Testing and Design Services to IS 465:2018, aquaculture, flood relief, tourism, leisure amenity, water, wastewater and the renewable energy sector.

The services we provide are based on over 70 years of experience working with local authorities, utilities, commercial entities and industries in Ireland and overseas. At Jennings O’Donovan, we pride ourselves on being responsive and in our ability to deliver clients expectations in an efficient and effective manner. The primary markets the company is currently operating in are Ireland, the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe.

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