PAUL Partnership Limerick CLG

Working in partnership for social and economic inclusion and improved quality of life in Limerick city

PAUL Partnership Limerick is the multi-sectoral partnership company which promotes social inclusion in Limerick City. We were initially set up in 1989 to address the high levels of long term unemployment at the time in Limerick City. Since then, our remit has expanded to a broader objective of supporting social inclusion. We work with local communities and groups of people that have benefited least from economic and social development and aim to improve the quality of life of people living in Limerick City.

We do this by:
• Working directly with individuals to support them to access employment, enterprise, education and training programmes
• Supporting local community-based organisations to develop and deliver social inclusion services and supports at a local level
• Building the capacity of individuals and communities to have a say in the policies and decisions and that affect the quality of life in their own communities

We manage and implement programmes across 5 thematic areas:
1. Community Development
2. Employment and Enterprise
3. Lifelong Learning and Education
4. Child and Family Support
5. Health, Wellbeing and Ageing Well

Unit 25a,
Tait Business Centre,
Dominic Street,
Co. Limerick